Concert music of Ron Levy ~ published by Thinkling Music (ASCAP)
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Chamber music

Three Sonatas (2019)

Sonata for Flute & Piano

A sonata in three movements featuring a rumba, a beautiful and touching melody and a quirky and rousing finale.

Sonata for Clarinet & Piano

A four-movement sonata with a baroque slant, with klezmer elements, a meditative second movement, rugged pastorale third movement and a finale combining pastoral themes with an intense Coplandesque ostinato finish.

Sonata for Trombone & Piano

This three-movement work begins with a simple nursery rhyme which develops into a full scale sonata movement. The slow, haunting second movement is reminiscent of Ravel. The finale is witty, quirky, comic, energetic .. and fun.

Six Pieces for Woodwind Quintet

Six epigrammatic pieces in various evocative and charming styles.

Paradise Music

This adorable little trio for Clarinet, Marimba and Double Bass. Has lots of ostinati, a bit of jazz influence — and exquisitely enigmatic titles.

Nice Shirts (for Mixed Ensemble)

Okay, here we go ... this completely unique (because every performance will perforce be different) piece — a "Happening" really — is a conglomerate of controlled improvisation, audience interactivity, and "lo-tech" (think boom box. And overhead projector.) Composer supervision is highly recommended for future performances!

Five Pieces for Vibraphone

On the other hand, this. Simple. Solo. Not too Severe.

Quartet for Flute, Piano, Clarinet and Trombone

Derived and expanded from "Rockin' Viola", aka the Quartet for Viola, Piano, Clarinet and Bassoon of 1988

Quartet for Viola, Piano, Clarinet and Bassoon

Of 1988. See above.

Brief Medieval Fantasy

Written for the Da Capo Chamber Players. Brief. Whimsical.


Modigliani's Arm

This one starts perky! And then traverses a range of moods and themes. Wait for the wood block, pardner!

Pelican Song for soprano and orchestra

Follow the antics of this authentically ancient bird.


A repeated "D" ostinato in the marimba starts this adventure at high speeds.

Dance Symphony

Quaint. Charming. A Renaissance quadrille, AND a fiddler on some rooftop, somewhere. Also a wedding!

Symphonic Suite

Bringing Bach into the Twentieth Century (but not THAT 20thC!)

Zephyr Dance

It's a fanfare, folks.

Concert Band

Who Killed the Red Baron?

Somber tones and high-flying aerial acrobatics, spinning to a peace-filled conclusion.

Piano Music

"It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself" — Johann Sebastian Bach


Three Haiku arr. piano solo

Five Pieces for Woodwind Quintet arr. piano solo

Piano Meditations — Book 1

Twelfth Night arr. piano solo


Electronic Music

"A nice blend of prediction and surprise seem to be at the heart of the best art"—Wendy Carlos


Dancing Bears

It's not often that an audience will burst out laughing during an electronic music concert. It happened here.


Motor boats in the dark. That's what I hear.

Orange Planet

Some say my best piece to date. I say that too.


Theater Music

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy" — Giuseppe Verdi

Twelfth Night Music

Period piece for 5 players + optional percussion

If I Ran The Zoo, Part II

Children's music, sponsored by Time Warner Cable, feat. Wayne Wayne, flute



Vocal Music

"Music and Poetry have ever been acknowledged Sisters,

which walking hand in hand support each other" — Henry Purcell


Three Songs for contralto, clarinet, cello, and piano:

  1. "Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave" (Thomas Hardy)

  2. "Song" (Esther Mathews)

  3. "spring is like a perhaps hand" (ee cummings)

Composed for Mary Lou Iauco-Bewley and players



A CD of spiritually healing words and original music (flute, double-bass and piano)

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