This "about" is a work-in-progress. Eventually it will be published as my autobiography.
Working title:
"My Autobiography" — by Ron Levy.
Pianist-composer Ron Levy has worked with many notable names in the musical world,
including multiple Grammy-winner Paul Williams, Ray Charles protege Ellis Hall,
the great Barbara Morrison, the legendary Thelma Jones, and many other wonderful musicians: some well-known, others MAYBE less well-known but definitely no less wonderful.
"...notable" — Los Angeles Times
“...memorable” — Orange County Register
Ron holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music composition from UCLA, where he studied piano with Edward Auer and composition with Paul Reale, Henri Lazarov, Elaine Barkin, Alden Ashforth...have I left anybody out? Prior to UCLA he attended Orange Coast College (OCC), studying theory, composition and electronic music with Dr. Edith Smith, and where he had his initial encounter with the legendary jazz program under Charles "Doc" Rutherford. This will play a HUGE role later in the story. But first, Modern Dance.
A Florida native, California transplant, and momentary Texan, Ron started piano lessons at age six, eventually receiving his MA in music composition from UCLA. Further musical training came performing on bandstands in bars, hotels, lecture halls, and fairground stages across the land.

" of the best musicians around" — Michael Sharman

Levy spent most of the 1980s at UCLA working on his bachelors and then his masters in composition. In graduate school he collaborated with student filmmakers, and was awarded the Henry Mancini Scholarship.


Ron called Mancini's office to thank the maestro — and to make the humble request to attend a film scoring session. Mr. Mancini's assistant said yes, be at such and such a place... the result is Ron got to meet the man — no photos, darn! — and to observe the scoring session for "Blind Date". Terrible movie — but a memorable and rewarding experience.

"Are you my student?" — Henry Mancini

Anyway, Modern Dance. Ron began accompanying dance classes at OCC, continued at UCLA where his involvement deepened to working with professional dancers as well as taking a few dance classes himself. THAT didn't last long. But provided useful insight. THEN, upon receiving his masters in composition, where else but IDYLLWILD to continue working as dance accompanist and compose compose COMPOSE.

In his fifth year of playing too many hours of piano, Ron developed an overuse injury, and was forced to take a hiatus from piano. No playing, period. This was tough. And THEN, attempting to resume after this hiatus, the injury reasserted itself tenfold. Ouch!! FORTUNATELY, Ron asked advice of a musical acquaintance who promptly referred him to Dorothy Taubman. Yes, THE Dorothy Taubman. Ron fearlessly called Ms. Taubman on the phone, and she, upon hearing his pathetic tale, immediately scolded him "would you walk into traffic?!" Ron was referred to Nina Scolnik in Irvine — heretofore to be called "My Guardian Angel" — and thus began a year-long rehabilitation process which resulted in a PROFOUND shift in playing technique, along with a whole new body of knowledge which Ron now regularly imparts to his students (and to whomever else will listen. HEAR YE!). And which, not incidentally, has allowed Ron to play AS MUCH PIANO AS HE WANTS, NO PROBLEM! And so Ron does make a living in music. The End.

"... the ultimate pro" — Derek Bordeaux

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