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The Alberti Trio

Classical/Jazz Ensemble

Ron Levy (piano), Greg Parman (flute) and Benjamin May (bass) eruditely blend elements from the jazz and classical repertoire, creating a unique and suave hybrid of forms and styles.

Perfect for events where elegance is paramount: wedding ceremonies and cocktail receptions, bridal and baby showers, garden parties, and more.


Crosswinds merges pop, jazz, and R&B into an spectacular fusion of musical styles.

Perfect for wedding receptions and corporate events

Fronted by effervescent vocalist Andrea Miller, and with arrangements and musical direction by keyboardist Ron Levy, supported by the rhythm section of bassist Ernie Nunez and drummer John Merola, and augmented by guitarist Tom Hynes and woodwind artist Greg Parman—this band soars into the 21st Century with a powerful tailwind!

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