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Piano Pronto Publishing Presents:

Jazz pieces for classical pianists
New to jazz improvisation?
Ron's book of piano music for Intermediates, JAZZ SALAD  features a range of jazz and pop styles, with catchy tunes and plenty of written-out solos.

JAZZ SALAD is published by

Piano Pronto (


"Ron Levy has brilliantly brought jazz to life for the developing pianist. This book shows that students don't have to wait until they are very advanced to play jazz."
— N.B. (music teacher for 30 years)

"This book is awesome!!!!! I've had several students interested in jazz, but find most books are stuffy or too hard. This book makes all styles of jazz accessible and FUN! It is already my go-to book for aspiring jazzers, students stuck in a rut, or classical pianists needing something fresh to do. It is always met with smiles and excitement when they see the titles and hear the music. WELL DONE, Ron Levy! Your music is absolutely fantastic.
— Kim K."

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