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Film Score:
"Fill My Living Room"
Robin Schorr

Writer/Director Schorr created a brilliant and hilarious short film around the idea of a "magic" credit card...

"Final shot / End credits"

"A Little Bit of Happiness"

Writers: R. Levy, M. Doss, B. DeLaCruz

A fun summer beach song. Listen to the lyrics, the message is clear: you can't buy happiness!

"Binge Shopping"

Valerie has finally given in to the impulse to use the card - and she goes all in!

"The Card"

The opening scene introduces the Card – and the Dilemma!

Notes on the score:

Karl Vincent was the bassist on the session. Little did I know at the time that several decades later I would reconnect with Karl through a mutual colleague and continue our working relationship into the present. Yay Karl!
The synth you hear is the venerable Roland Juno 60. I used it on several of my '80s-era film scores.

Check out the organ solo on the end credits - proof that baroque music and surf rock can coexist happily!

And yes, I played all electric guitars in the score... 🎸
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