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New jazz CD on track for Feb 2018 release

After a twelve year hiatus from the initial tracking session, my new jazz CD entitled Rumbango! is finally nearing completion.

On October 19, 2017, I returned to Adamos Recording along with three great musicians — Andrea Carol (drums), Benjamin May (bass) and Greg Parman (woodwinds) to record four additional tracks — bringing the grand total to seven originals and one cover tune (the Jitterbug Waltz). That's about 46 minutes total duration — so there is a full-length CD.


Andrea Carol • Greg Parman

Benjamin May • Jerry Adamowicz


Wayne Wayne

With titles like Doink, Wimpy Talk, and the title track Rumbango!, you know this is going to be a special feast of spontaneously combustable bebop jazz!

We are really excited by this new album. Be notified upon release by subscribing to the Ron Levy Music Gig Emailer


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