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"Ron's a great teacher.....motivator.....mentor......and he's a nice guy.

He's also one of the best musicians around."


"I have studied jazz piano under Ron for quite a while, and I am happy with the whole experience" — Leonard Peikoff


"When I started taking lessons from Ron, I was just hoping to learn a few improvisation skills. He encouraged me to think about music in a different way and to begin composing my own music. Before I knew it I had my own sonata, which was way ahead of what I thought I could do. In addition, he helped me fix a number of weaknesses in my technique that I wasn't even aware of. I owe him a lot!" — Scott Winterstein

Teaching and Students


Ron Levy welcomes students of all ages and levels who want to enjoy the experience of creating music. He teaches private lessons in theory, composition and piano.

Ron Levy 's unique teaching approach is tailored to each student's strengths.


  • Accurate assessment and correction for effortless technique

  • Learn to play pain-free

  • Individual lessons in a safe and creative environment

  • ​Learn the secrets of coordinate playing

Call or write now to set up your first lesson!

(562) 889-7936

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