Ron plays his Bösendorfer

Thursdays 4-5pm (pacific)

on Facebook Live

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Ron Levy is the recipient of several awards, including the Henry Mancini Scholarship For the Composition of Music for Motion Pictures and Television, two grants from Meet the Composer, and the Gus Kahn Scholarship

Ceci n'est pas une basson


Ron’s music studies began early at the age of six with piano lessons, first from the local music store (that had a GIANT accordion by the front door), and soon moving to Mrs. Katherine Hyde’s home studio in Fort Lauderdale. Mrs. Hyde was a white-haired Grand Dame from the Viennese school, with two Steinway grands side-by-side in her dimly lit dark red and brown living room.

She often said that her "teacher’s teacher’s teacher was Beethoven."

Was that true? Does it matter?


This year I became the new owner of an old (but well-cared-for) piano —

a beautiful Bösendorfer Model 225 neamed "Holly",  "born" in 1962.

(The name is an interesting story, ask me sometime...)

So now I broadcast live weekly on Facebook, Thursdays from 4-5pm pdt.

Please join my ever-growing cadre of loyal listeners!

>> FB Live from the Bosie <<

first classical, then jazz — now both

I guess it started when my stepdad Cal started playing LA jazz radio station KKGO around the house when I was 14. (And the ubiquitous Chuck Niles, whom I met much later) 

I went the Playboy Jazz Festival that year — my Mom had to drive me — and heard many of the greats: Ella, Oscar, Supersax... I also got to go to the small clubs: Dantes (so SMOKY!), the Lighthouse, McCabes — and heard Gabor Szabo, Joe Pass, Herb Ellis (I was very into guitar at the moment)

That all put the jazz bug in my ear, but other musics needed to be explored first...

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