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Breathless -
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Premiere: May 5, 2002

Commissioned by the Orange Coast College Symphony, Alan Remington, cond.

33(+EH)33 4331 perc timp str

Duration 12'

Breathless is part of Ron's larger "magnum opus" which also includes Flowers and Stones (1985), Crushed Flowers (2006) and Pelican Song (2007). The entirety is bound by a mysterious trance-inducing ostinato, heard here primarily in the marimba.

The piece begins with a bang — and then it's off and running, a single through-composed movement with assorted changes of pace and texture along the way. The unmitigated forward motion is ultimately resolved in a static "chord", held for as long as the individual players are able within a single breath — until they all are, in the end, "breathless"


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