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Five Pieces For Vibraphone Solo was Commissioned by Glenna Kipp, and premiered December 1, 2014 by Jonathan Kipp at Hoson House in Tustin, California
The work is in five movements, and is to be performed whole.

1. Blue Afro
2. Salt
3. Spacewalk
4. Will o' the wisp
5. Epilogue
1. The "afro" in Blue Afro refers to Mongo Santamaria’s “Afro Blue”, from which it borrows it's basic West African 12/8 “atsia*” groove.
*Atsia is a West African music/dance rhythm in 12/8 time – often referred in jazz settings as “afro-cuban 6/8”
Movements 2-4 are loosely based on jazz standards: tunes from the Great American Songbook. The titles offer clues as to their sources, which are not immediately obvious upon listening.
It is preferred not to “give away” the sources to audience members until after they have heard the piece.
2. Salt is based on Lady Is A Tramp. (S.A.L.T. = Lady iS A Tramp)
3. Spacewalk follows the chord changes of Stella by Starlight (Stella>>stellar >> star >>. space)
4. Will o’ the Wisp. The title plays on Willow Weep for Me, on whose chord changes the movement is based.
5. Epilogue. The only member of the set not inspired by jazz; the Epilogue seemed with its processional quality to be an apt way to close the set.
The overall mood is somber, low key, and spare, emphasizing the purity and consistency of the vibraphone’s tone. Simple and direct, like Japanese brush painting (or tamari, a subject upon which Glenna Kipp is an expert).

The whimsical illustrations in the score are by the composer — and may be reprinted in program notes.


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