Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

A four-movement sonata

based on the Symphonic Suite for orchestra (1990)

Premiered February 2, 2019

by Lea Steffens, clarinet and Ron Levy, piano.

Recorded by Franz Pusch

I. Fanfare

The main theme was composed while accompanying modern dance classes in Idyllwid, California, where I was in residence.

I often improvised material for the classes, and this 

one seemed worth developing into a larger scale work.


II. Soft Breeze Over Moonlit Lake

The Zen-like title reflects the peaceful serenity evoked by the music. Like a Koan, there is ambiguity here, particularly in its tonality. Q: where is the key center ... A: yes.


III. Pastorale

This movement owes some its rustic “danceyness” to Beethoven's 

6th symphony. And the idyllic yet wild surroundings of Idyllwild naturally played a part, developing on long woods through the tall woods.


IV. Finale

The final movement starts a little “pastoral-ish”, but soon erupts 

into a volcano of intensity. In terms of instrumentation, one does 

miss here the lambastic timpani of the original.

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