Sonata for Flute and Piano (2018)

1. Flute Salad

2. Cookie Waltz

3. Jigsaw

Score available at SMP Press:



Ron Levy

for Mary Palchak

I. Flute Salad The main theme is from my tune collection entitled Songs for the Rishi Ganesh which consists of catchy “pop” melodies that I thought might bear working out in a classical setting.

II. Cookie Waltz is developed from on one the very first compositions I set to paper, written as a class assignment when I was 18, entitled Mookwipps #1 & 2.

III. Jigsaw is based on the contrasting middle section of the very same Mookwipps.
Its name plays on the Gigue — or Jig — because it is in 3/4 time.