Sonata for Flute and Piano

Sonata for Flute and Piano

Flute — Mary Palchak

Piano — Ron Levy

Recorded by Franz Pusch

First performance:

February 2, 2019

St Mark Presbyterian, Newport Beach

I. Flute Salad

Beginning with a latin-tinged repeating rhythmic figure, the movement does unfold in sonata style, that is, it tells a story using time-tested techniques established by the 1st Viennese School. Although I am sure they never danced the rumba.Th

II. Cookie Waltz

An evocative, suave, endearing melody, derived from one of my very earliest compositions, Mookwipp #1

III. Jigsaw 

Well ... it IS kind of a jig. There are some other fun things — including hidden quotations and the like. (Can you name any?) This movement's main theme was also drawn from Mookwipp #1 — the middle section.

Thanks to both Mary Palchak and to Jessica Flesher in their generous assistance in the creation of this piece.

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