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Flute Sonata was composed for flutist Mary Palchak. It is in sonata form, and the themes were developed from earlier piano pieces of mine. The idea was to pull from my portfolio of catchy pop tunes and cast them in a traditional sonata form. The piece is very listenable and accessible.


Click below to hear the premiere performance by Mary Palchak on flute with the composer at the piano.

Scroll down for video and more.

Sonata for Flute and Piano (2018)

1. Flute Salad

2. Cookie Waltz

3. Jigsaw

I. Flute Salad The main theme is from my tune collection entitled Songs for the Rishi Ganesh which consists of catchy “pop” melodies that I thought might bear working out in a classical setting.

II. Cookie Waltz is developed from on one the very first compositions I set to paper, a class assignment composed when I was a mere lad of 18, entitled Mookwipps #1 & 2.

III. Jigsaw is based on the contrasting middle section of the very same Mookwipps.
It is a sort of Gigue —  Jigsaw. Get it?

Performance materials available upon request.

Premiere performance of "Flute Sonata" (2018)

Fun "Teaser" video for the premiere performance

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