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Nice Shirts

Nice Shirts -
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A multimedia "Happening"

for mixed instrumental ensemble,

rag-tag choir, overhead projector, 

AM radio,

and audience participation


First performance:

February 26, 1992

The "Barn" Theater — ISOMATA

All material in this work is adapted from each of the performers' active repertoire. It is "controlled aleatoric conductor-cued group improvisation, utilizing found material" i.e., a "Happening".



Cliff Alexander/Sarah Blaschko/Eric Pahl/Tara Dutton — 

Two pianos/four hands

Petia Benkova — harpsichord


Christine Lee — double bass

Dan Carlson — violin solo

Yi Ming Gao/Erica Haskell — violin section

Merietta Oviatt — viola

Norio "Non" Hozumi* — trombone

Robin Sharp — marimba



Matt, Aimee, William, & Jerry

VIDEOGRAPHY: Ned Barrett, Scott Holme, Kristina Newhouse


Paul McGlaughlin

"Players shall wear solid colored shirts. Preferably nice ones."

*In memoriam. Thank you Non, we love you,

Body and Soul!

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