Paradise Music

for clarinet, double bass and marimba

Paradise Music - Ron Levy
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This adorable little trio for clarinet, marimba and double bass has lots of ostinati, a bit of jazz influence — and exquisitely enigmatic titles.


• oklahoma

• plum

• now

• whirligig

• tinte

• oblique

• chaud

"Paradise Music" was composed in Idyllwild, California in the Spring of 1991.


This recording was made on May 23, 1991.

The players are:

Sam Karam, clarinet

Robin Sharp, marimba

Christine Lee, double bass.


The section titles have no particular meaning; they were actually chosen blindly by pointing to random words in my well-worn Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The set unfolds in a leisurely fashion, with ebbs and flows of energy but on the whole rather pastoral, making ample use of long tones, ostinato accompaniments, and quirky melodic figures.