Video of premiere performance: February 2, 2019

Amy Bowers — Trombone • Ron Levy — Piano

Recorded by Franz Pusch

I. 01:00 Da Dee  "Sonata form meets ... rock and roll?"

II. 04:50 Waiting for Sunrise "e voile!"

III. 11:11 Clown Car "How many can fit?"

Performer Snapshot ...

Amy Bowers ...

... is a freelance musician and tenured member of Santa Rosa Symphony. She is a highly sought-after orchestral trombone-player performing with a variety of orchestras including Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic & Opera, San Francisco Symphony, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra, Pasadena Symphony. Amy currently teaches at Orange County School of the Arts, Idyllwild Arts Summer Festival. She also maintains a large private studio with students throughout Southern California. Amy has also performed with artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Kanye West, Seth McFarlane, Merv Griffin, Kenny G, Michael Feinstein, Marvin Hamlisch, David Foster, John Williams, and Katherine McPhee.

Here is a peek into our very first rehearsal of the Trombone Sonata:

The Score/part for TROMBONE SONATA is available at SMP Press: