Sonata for Trombone and Piano

Sonata for Trombone and Piano


Amy Bowers — Trombone

Ron Levy — Piano


First performance:

February 2, 2019

St Mark Presbyterian, Newport Beach

Recorded by Franz Pusch

I. Da Dee gets its title onomatopoeically from the nursery-rhyme-like quality of its opening measures and although classical in form, is quite "rock and roll" in content.

II. Waiting for Sunrise emerged from a snippet of melody originally conceived for solo bassoon—and here played beautifully by trombonist Amy Bowers.

III. Clown Car

This movement languished on the shelf as a potential bassoon concerto movement until Amy Bowers invited me to write something for her USC brass quintet. That initial foray developed into the present, definitive “Clown Car".


Thanks to Amy Bowers for her generous assistance in the creation of this piece.

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