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Six Pieces for Woodwind Quintet

Six Pieces for Woodwind Quintet:

Six epigrammatic essays in a very challenging medium.


The challenge? How to achieve a full sonority in an ensemble of five disparate instruments.


The solution? Careful use of unison and octave doubling to create fullness and resonance.

1. Jump and Leap


Although there is no discernible melody, it tells its curious story convincingly


2. A Strange Meeting

Mozart goes to the movies


3. Persistence


Original title: Frustration


4. Java Booboo


Pentatonic patterns — with a playful taunt at the end


5. Chocolate Fingers


Takes its title from a line in Genesis (the band, not the book)


6. Leaning Down


A hoedown in classical pajamas

First performance: Popper Theater in Schoenberg Hall on the campus of University of California Los Angeles

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