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Ron has completed four *rather* large works (so far) in 2019

They are:
  1. Sonata for Flute and Piano

  2. Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

  3. Sonata for Trombone and Piano

  4. Quartet for Flute, Piano, Clarinet and Trombone

The first three are the opening salvo in the Sonatas for Every Orchestral Instrument project, now officially and definitely under way. The fourth is a thoroughly revised and expanded version of the (much) earlier (and shorter) Quartet for Viola, Piano, Clarinet and Bassoon.

All four works premiered on February 2, 2019 with the composer at the piano, and featured (from left) Amy Bowers (trombone), Lea Steffens (clarinet) and Mary Palchak (flute)

Many thanks to these fine musicians!


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